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Hotel Maremma is situated inside the medieval walls of the historical center of Grosseto.

This privileged position allows visitors to reach the principal cultural and commercial attractions of the city: the Theatre, Cathedral, the Museum of Archeological and local art, and the best shops are to be found.

The close"La Maremma" restaurant, in collaboration with the hotel, provides tipical local dishes.

The position of the Hotel inside a pedestrianised zone ensures tranquillity. Hotel Maremma is easy to reach by car .
In the hotel you can find some free bicycles.

Whithin easy reach of Grosseto there are beautiful beaches on the Tuscan coast, the untouched National Park "Uccellina" and spas (Roselle, Saturnia, Petriolo).

The etruscan ruins of Roselle and Vetulonia and the medieval villages (Massa Marittima, etc.), are in the neighborhood of Grosseto.

The Hotel is open troughout the year.

Hotel Maremma

di Peccianti Maurizio & C. s.a.s. via Fulceri Paolucci de Calboli 11 - 58100 Grosseto - tel.0564/22293-fax.0564/22051 - P.IVA 00859460537


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